Southbridge is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School for Grade 6 to Grade 10.

Students will use these devices in class to enhance their learning through use of different types of digital resources and will also learn how to be a responsible digital citizen.

Key Information:
Guidelines for Device

Operating System

Windows 10 in English

Minimum Battery Life

7 Hours


Wi-Fi only (NO 4G/5G)



Minimum Screen Size

11 inches

Suggested Accessories

Case/Cover/Sleeve/Extra charger

Minimum Storage

128GB (SSD preferred)

Maximum Device Age

3 Years

Minimum RAM



This laptop is for school and the specifications above are sufficient for your child’s needs at Southbridge. There is no need to buy a more powerful/expensive laptop with capacity for gaming.

Other operating systems, such as Mac OS or Chrome OS, are also acceptable though the school prefers Windows.

Guidance for Parents