Khmer General Education (Early Years and Primary)

The Southbridge International School Cambodia (SISC) provides a comprehensive wide range of Khmer General Education (KGE) from kindergarten to grade 12 that is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MOEYS) of Cambodia. SISC is committed to providing the students with professionally qualified and well-trained teacher (pedagogical certificate is strictly required) with many years of teaching experience. At SISC, students can be transferred officially from public and private schools with a certificate of equivalence, from kindergarten to high school level.

A.   Kindergarten

The Khmer kindergarten curriculum is specially designed for children whose age is from 3 to 5 years old, and this program consists of 3 academic years from K1 to K3. After completing Kindergarten 3 (K3), students can automatically​ study in grade 1 (primary level),   Khmer (consonants and vowels) and Math are used to build foundations for studying in grade 1.

The subjects taught in kindergarten level:

     1.Pre writing (Khmer consonants and vowels)

     2.Pre math

     3.Science (Observation)

     4.Social Studies

     5.Physical Activities

B. Primary

The Khmer primary curriculum is specially designed for children whose ages are from 6 years old and above, and this program consists of 6 academic years from grade 1 to grade 6. After completing the primary level, students will have the basic competence and knowledge of Khmer Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, and all of which are fundamental subjects to prepare students for the Secondary Level.

The subjects taught in Primary level:

    1.Khmer Language



    4.Social Studies

    5.Information Technology