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Southbridge International School Cambodia is perfectly situated in a verdant and health community of Borey Peng Huoth — A sophisticated housing development in the south of the vibrant city of Phnom Penh.

Our admission office is open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Saturday. Contact us for your inquiries and our friendly admission staffs are happy to assist you.



Are Arts, music, PE, swimming, Science and IT include in all grades?

All students from K1 up attend a library, music, art, PE and swimming class per week. In addition students from Grade 1 up attend an IT class per week. iPads are available for younger students. All students receive history, geography and science classes through the topic of their IEYC/IPC/IMYC unit.

What is the background of your teachers?

Our Teachers are truly International. They have very varied backgrounds and all have extensive experience in international education. We are committed to supporting and encouraging the continuing professional development of our faculty. SISC will provide in-house professional development as well as providing opportunities to attend training and development from outside of the school.

What is the Saturday Chinese program?

Saturday morning Chinese classes are available at extra cost from 8:00am- 12:00pm.  Students from Grade 1 to 10 are eligible to sit a placement test to join this program.  Lessons are taught by native speakers

What is IEYC, IPC, IMYC and IGCSC?

Please see our Curriculum pages.

Do you offer half day programme?

No our programme is full day only.

In what grade level will my child be placed?

Class placement policy:

Children will be placed in the class that is appropriate to their age group. See below table.

This policy will be reasonably flexible and students will be placed in the most suitable class taking into account age appropriateness, language acquisition, academic ability and other factors. We will conduct a short assessment test so we are able to judge the most suitable class for the child.

Ages will be taken from the August school start date through to 30th July.

Grade Age Group

Nursery 2 ½ – 3 year olds                     2 ½ by the 1st August of the current school year

K1 3-4 year olds                                    3 by 1st August of the current school year

K2 4-5 year olds                                    4 by 1st August of the current school year

K3 5-6 year olds                                    5 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 1 6-7 year olds                           6 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 2 7-8 year olds                           7 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 3 8-9 year olds                           8 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 4 9-10 year olds                         9 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 5 10-11 year olds                       10 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 6 11-12 year olds                       11 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 7 12-13 year olds                       12 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 8 13-14 year olds                       13 by 1st August of the current school year

Grade 9 14-15 year olds                       14 by 1st August of the current school year

Can my child have a trial study before enrollment?

No, we do not wish to disturb students or teachers with student attending for a trial only. Full details of the programme and a school tour will help parents decide if they wish to enroll in our school.

Does the school have a Cafeteria?

SISC offers an optional bought lunch from the cafeteria for those who require it. Children are free to bring their own lunch.

What foreign language can my child study?

SISC offers English and Khmer.  Chinese Saturday classes are available for Grades 1-10 at extra cost.

What if my child’s English is not up to grade level?

SISC will help you determine any support for students who are not up to grade level with any aspect of their English. On some occasions the student may have to complete the grade level below in order to receive a firm foundation of English Language skills.

Do you offer a bilingual program?

SISC offers a Bilingual Program in which students will study English and Khmer.

What should my child wear?

SISC provides uniforms for students to purchase. School Uniforms as well as P.E. uniforms.

Which extra-curricular activities do you offer?

SISC has a growing extra-curricular program and currently offers football, basketball, volleyball and has an annual drama production.