Khmer General Education ( Secondary )

The Southbridge International School Cambodia (SISC) provides a comprehensive wide range of Khmer General Education (KGE) from kindergarten to grade 12 that is taught by professionally qualified and well-trained teachers with many years of teaching experience and is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. At SISC, students can officially be transferred from public and private schools with a certificate of equivalence, from kindergarten to high school level.

The Secondary level is divided in two levels: Lower-Secondary (Grade 7 to Grade 9) and Upper-Secondary (Grade 10 to Grade 12). This program consists of 6 academic years from Grade 7 to Grade 12. The grade 9 and grade 12 students have the same right to take all public or national examinations as those at public school. The certificates of grade 9 and grade 12 are authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of Cambodia (MOEYS).

The subjects taught in secondary school:

1. Khmer language and Literature

2. Mathematics

3. Chemistry

4. Physics

5. Biology

6. Earth Science

7. Morality-Civics

8. Home Economics

9. History

10. Geography

11. Information Technology